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Specialty- Total Solution

Lab 57 Cabinet System


​European system cabinets – also known as frameless or full access cabinets – are by far the most popular kitchen cabinets in the world. European cabinets have a cleaner, more contemporary look than traditional cabinets because of the smaller reveals between the doors and drawer fronts. No face frame is used on any cabinet. 


As a result, the panels that make up the cabinets must be cut to an accurancy of plus or munus 0.5mm (about 1/64"), which required excellence in measurement and workship.


In addition, European cabinets have 10% more effective storage area compared to traditional framed cabinets, because of the absence of center mullions and frame overhangs.  
















Lab57 Cabinet system has the following advantage over other system:


  • the cabinets are made by 3/4" Melamine surface plywood;

  • Nailess makes cabinet looks nice inside and outside, dowels connection comprises strong structure and precise contact;

  • Paintless and smelless on both internal surface and doors;

  • 13" Deep wall cabinet specially design to accommodate 12" plates;

  • 9.5” height metal drawers with high dynamic smoothing running capacity 155 lbs;

  • Flexibility of fitting customized hardware into cabinets;

  • Designs of layout and units are based on ergonomic, such as lifting doors system, finger pull system and Drawer running system.

​Cutsomize space 

A great storage space idea under the sink clears away all washing-up items and keeps worktops free. Pull-outs with high sides mean that you can fill up larder drawers with provisions. What’s more, the larder pull-outs can be opened individually, providing easy access from above and from all three sides. 

Customize Surface & Look

The combination of a flat slab door with an integrated handle profile creates a clean contemporary linear look.


Under Cabinet lighting and much more...

Under Cabniet lighting is often added to kitchen and pantry cabinets to provide task lighting on the contertops that is complementray to the general lighting of the room.  It also soubles as a night light.  The latest under-cabinet lighting system seamlessly blends lighting, power and music to free you of kitchen clutter!! 

Customize function

Doors easily lift up and out of the way, allowing complete access while not interfering with work in the kitchen. They also ensure easy access to the handle in any position, even on tall wall cabinets.

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