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"Beautiful space, yet functional!"


Surface is beyond color, texture, and patterns, it requires precision and perfection in every edge, every corner, and every connection.


No matter it is for furniture, commercial fixtures or cabinets, no matter it is Melamine, Acrylic, or HPL, LAB 57 treats them in the most respectful way.





From kitchen to vanity, 

from cabinet to floating shelf, 

every space, every Corner, we can customize details based on your preference and taste.  Working seamlessly with designers and contractors, we deliver intelligent modern space either in residential or commercial projects.

About us


LAB 57 is located in Anahaim, California. We carry large ranges of the latest surface in the market with tailor woodworking processing to meet each customer’s requirements for space. We also offer board material processing services, including cutting by default size, edge finishing, punching, drilling holes for the connectors and other related services.

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